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Wakeboarding on the Gold Coast

Posted in Local Attractions @ Mar 7th 2011 11:07am - By Administrator

The sun-drenched beaches near our Broadbeach holiday apartments provide the ideal opportunity for you to rejuvenate and learn some exciting water sports. One of the favourite activities of guests in our beachfront apartments in Broadbeach is to awaken their senses to the excitement of wakeboarding. We also recommend this thrilling sport for you. The Queensleigh Holiday Apartments staff has even compiled some wakeboarding safety tips so you can start on you seaside adventure, and even teach the littlies how to wakeboard.

Safety tips

Always wear a life jacket!  This saves you a lot of energy if you fall in the water. This also allows you to prevent being afraid, becoming stiff, lean back, and slip. If ever you find yourself falling, let go of the rope. Holding on will only put you into many sorts of uncomfortable and funny situations. Moreover, please tell the boat driver you are a beginner so it’s best to start with less speed.

Wakeboard with fins

Large wakeboards with large fins, on the other hand, are more stable, and hold better direction. Using this wakeboard allows you to progress faster. Moreover, you won’t be as tired as when using a smaller wakeboard, which means more drag and water resistance.

Make the rope longer

Beginners should wakeboard further away from the boat where the wake is not as strong. So make sure the rope is at least 15 meters long.

Know your dominant leg

Start setting your stance by determining your dominant leg. Will your left or right leg be in front? One of the most common ways of knowing is by asking someone to push you from behind. The foot that steps forward is your lead food.

The bindings

Keep the bindings just at your shoulder width apart. The back binding should be closer to the rear fin, so your weight is shifted a bit towards the tail. Make sure the bindings fit! If they are tight you can easily get tired or even hurt your legs. On the other hand, having loose binding won’t allow you to ride too long.

Let’s wakeboard!

Start in deep water. Bend your knees and place the wakeboard between you and the boat. It should be at ninety degrees to the rope and arms should be on each side of the front knee. Then slowly stand up when the boat starts to move. Don’t pull the rope; just let the boat pull you. Put a little weight on your rear foot to straighten the boat, and voilah! look who’s wakeboarding?

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